Monday, April 27, 2009

Matt's Totoro birthday cake

So Matt turned 28! Being that he LOVES Miyazaki films, Naturally he asked for his favorite character. TOTORO!!! I thought i would throw in a few soot balls as well

i started out with a normal, round cake. Devils food cake with Cream Cheese Caramel filling.

then i made another square vanilla cake, also with cream cheese caramel filling.
then i quartered the vanilla cake to make the ears and leg/feet.
i stuck a skewer on each side to keep all parts together. 
next everything was coated in vanilla buttercream frosting, followed by white Fondant.
airbrushed with a light gray, pink for the mouth and ears.
the whiskers are toothpicks painted black. the eyes and teeth are molded fondant. the teeth are actually one long strip with teeth cut into it.
these are soot balls, they are rice krispie treats rolled into balls and then coated in chocolate. the eyes are white royal icing, with painted black dots.

Totoro is sleeping in a bed of flowers and grass. all faux grass from michael's cut and shaped. it all sits on floral foam

i think next time i'll make the insides red, just for a little added authenticity. :)

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e said...

that is the cutest thing i've ever seen and i wnt one for my birthday!!