Monday, August 31, 2009

Spicy Dragon

so today is my "pepper" cupcake challenge. i decided to do two types, jalapeno and serrano. the jalapeno are devils food chocolate cake with a cayenne cream cheese frosting. the serrano is also devils food cake with a cinnamon cream cheese frosting. hopefully the cream cheese will soften the blow of the spicy chocolate cake.

the green dragon is the jalapeno cake with cayenne cream cheese

the red is serrano pepper chocolate cake with cinnamon cream cheese frosting.

the eyes are marshmallows pushed and frosted together with m&m eyes, the teeth are also marshmallows, the claws are Mike&Ikes candy as well as the nostrils. horns and spikes are chocolate cookies cut in triangles.

Elise's baby shower

trying to decide what to make for this special day was tough. do i go with traditional "baby shower" theme or do something a little different? well being me i decided to do something different, not to mention all my candies i made melted because is was about 110 degrees in the house. so the sunflowers made the cut! because it was so hot i had to keep throwing the pieces in the fridge for a bit to cool them and harden things back up. the petals turned out a little droopy, but i think they all still looked like flowers.
cake- triple lemon layer cake:
lemon sponge cake
lemon curd filling
lemon cream cheese frosting
covered in fondant, airbrushed with yellow
sunflowers: oreo cookie decorated with yellow and orange colored vanilla cream cheese frosting.
lady bugs: red m&ms with handpainted chocolate design