Monday, August 31, 2009

Elise's baby shower

trying to decide what to make for this special day was tough. do i go with traditional "baby shower" theme or do something a little different? well being me i decided to do something different, not to mention all my candies i made melted because is was about 110 degrees in the house. so the sunflowers made the cut! because it was so hot i had to keep throwing the pieces in the fridge for a bit to cool them and harden things back up. the petals turned out a little droopy, but i think they all still looked like flowers.
cake- triple lemon layer cake:
lemon sponge cake
lemon curd filling
lemon cream cheese frosting
covered in fondant, airbrushed with yellow
sunflowers: oreo cookie decorated with yellow and orange colored vanilla cream cheese frosting.
lady bugs: red m&ms with handpainted chocolate design

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