Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Halloween cupcakes

Halloween treats!!! vampires with mini cupcake "bites", ghosts and spiders. i won second place in the Cupcake Camp challenge, i might have done a little better if the vampires didn't get tossed around in the car on the way to the competition. still cute though, check out the angry eyes on the ghosts!

the vampires and mini "bites" are black bottom cupcakes with cherry filling, so when you bite into the cake, it bleeds in your mouth! cream cheese frosting, black sprinkle hair, m&m eyes, and hot tamale fangs.
spiders are hostess cakes with pocky legs. the legs are held together with a little melted chocolate. the eyes are royal icing.
almond pocky legs!!! mmmmmm......
the ghosts are devils food cake with a little melted chocolate on top to hold a mini twinkie in place and covered with a thin layer of fondant with black food coloring.

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