Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bento Box


My first attempt at a bento box! Matt came home with a present for me and it was a hello kitty bento box! oh boy! what better than to make him lunch in it!

There are two types of sandwiches, roast beef with pepper jack cheese and chicken with cheddar. once they were put together i cut them out in different size hearts. the piggies are rice balls with the snouts and ears made of sliced chicken.  i used black pepper for the eyes. the mushrooms are hardboiled egg whites cut in half over a baby carrot. the stars are peeled cucumbers, and the flower is a peach carved into petals. i took the yolks of the eggs and mixed them with a little mayo, salt and pepper, and just a little paprika. i then made little cutout circles out of it. i laid everything down on some green leaf lettuce and TADA! not bad for a first try!

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Josh Cooley said...

The 'nerdiness' is strong with this one...