Monday, August 18, 2008

meet... the snarkhorse...

so why snark horse? well, he's an imaginary animal used to refer to someone or something that is difficult to track down. Lewis Carroll coined the term in the hunting of the snark, but i doubt any one ever had my snark horse in mind. 
Think of a seahorse, tired of being beat up by other animals in the sea. Smaller than the others, kind of slow, peaceful and just wanting to blend in. Finally a rogue thinker thought of a way to get everyone off his back. He created a disguise, a camouflage outfit of sorts... a pole with a shark fin on it. Now wherever he goes, people don't see him as cowardly seahorse, they see him for what he really is... life threatening SNARKHORSE! He's kind of like the superman of the sea, mild manored by day, mysterious and unexplainable by night. Some try to find such a creature. Others just live on by his legend. I try and create such characters with my desserts. Welcome to my snarkhorse site, filled with goodies and all things amazing to set your seahorse desserts soaring! 

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