Sunday, September 28, 2008


so who wouldn't want to drive around in something like this? i know i would~ i would drive it to work everyday, park it on the sidewalk, and be the coolest person on the planet. 

so far, without knowing how to make one of these, i figure i should start with 1) a rascal. 2) plenty of chicken wire to sculpt. 3) silver siding stuff. 4) tons of frosting (cause mine would also be edible!). 

ok its a start. 


Patrick Gauer said...

If I have a car like this, I would sure bring it anywhere I go. But I would prefer to have a red velvet cupcake design. That would surely give birth to the phrase, “delectable ride!”

Nicole Vickers said...

Haha! Well, if I have a car like these ones, I think I already know what others might feel once they see it on the road. They’d probably be craving for cupcakes. Hahaha! These cars really look scrumptious! You couldn’t resist your love for sweets if you see cupcakes as big as these ones. Hehe!

Ashely Redden said...

I agree with Nicole. More people will be craving for cupcakes once they see these cars on the road. Haha! I just hope that by this time you already have a cupcake car. Share your experience with us once you have one! :D

Ashely Redden